car radio help


ok sooo i recently got a ford ranger from my parents haha, at least its a car. So i wanna know if i can take the radio thing out of it? I am doing this because i want to hook my ipod up to it. Anyone have any ideas?


yeah, you can take it out. you take apart 2 wire hangers and put the ends in those holes to either side of the unit. it’ll depress the tabs and the unit will come out.
But your going to need a new unit that can accept the ipod and a service tech (Best Buy has then on staff).
it’s not like theres an 1/8" jack just dangling back there.
Else, If you don’t want to screw it up, (and trust me, you will) go to radio shack and buy a tape to 1/8" adapter. Or a radio transducer for that matter.


To add to what psin said: you can get an FM radio transmitter that plugs into the cigarette outlet (DC outlet) for power and then plugs into the headphone jack on your iPod or whatever other MP3 player. If you need the highest quality possible, I can’t help you, but if you don’t care if it’s not the greatest sound in the world, you can get one from RadioShack (I think that’s where I got mine) for $20. Don’t get one from Apple. They’re the same thing, just twice as expensive.


ya but i wonder if there is a port that will allow me to plug my ipod into,