Can You burn an Duncan MG?


The magnisium yoyo. Would you want to burn it, and can you burn it? Health hazard anyone?

(Mark) #2

I wouldn’t burn it. And yes, since it is mainly magnesium, you can burn it and it gives off a orange flame or put it in water and it will fizz up. (Not sure if the MG yoyo has a coating to prevent that.) It releases lots of heat and can shoot out flames.


I wouldn’t, its $350++


But can you?


Yes Batryn, but I’m sure that it will explode, so I’ll attached my ears with earplug’s. ;D


Could you? Yes. Would you want to since it’s $350? Unless you’re Bill Gates, probably not. However, you would probably need to shave some off because a solid chunk of magnesium like that would be hard to light on fire. If anybody does though, video it please. That way nobody else does it hopefully, and then we get a show ;D


LOL. Yeah. You’ll get paid. BILL GATES!!! ARE YOU ON THIS FORUM???


LOL I would love to see Bill Gates try to yoyo. No offense but I think it would be kind of funny.

(Mitch) #9

He would make a smart yoyo and sell it, wait will Mac makes one then be in compitition…



Lol yeah I’m waiting for the iYoyo. It has a built in MP3 player in one half and a speak in the other. Lol new invention! I called it!

(Mitch) #11

That would be cool… But imagine… Doing a long trick and a dumb song comes on. And when your doing a long trick you’ve gotta be commited so you have to listen to the song while your trying the trick and you end up messing up because the song sucks…


it would be cool if you had a Gun-sound producing looping yoyo ::slight_smile: