Can make people Whoah!


In your opinion what is impressive to watch while yoyoing? (In the crowd, contest, having fun etc.)

Thumb Grinding or Playing with Hubstacks?

Me? Thumb grinding.

How bout you?


I think gyro flops are the most impressive things in yoyoing. Also split the atom and white buddha. Ladder escape just doesn’t impress people.


Revolutions, Follow.


Gyro swing andn behind the back slacks.


I think gyro flops are, but my dad doesn’t understand why that’s cool at all. Oh well.

Besides that, I think revolutions, eli hops, and thumb grinds are the coolest to non-yoyoers. (Did you mean coolest to non-yoyoers or to yoyoers?)


Eli Hops,




Eli Hops, Boomerang, Gyro Flops.


Leg wrap trap, Gryo flop, eli hops, revloutions, boing-e-boing.
Any thing big, and not techy. also old tricks that all people have heard like walk the dog, rock the baby, ect.


All these are good but a reason might be better too.

Revs: Really flashy because you’re swinging the yo-yo and people wonder why it’s not spinning out. The String also adds something.

Eli Hops: Don’t know why

Leg Wrap Trap: Getting it between your legs then behind the back is awesome!

Use slack tricks, shows off string movement.


Example your classmates, they want to show-off your tricks or in the crowd, in the big apple, in the mall, park, subway etc.

(JayVee) #11

All my friends have seen my 1A tricks, so they’re not too impressed with those. But when I play offstring, they go “woah” every time I toss it into the air. :wink:

I think that the one that will really impress people is the Washing Machine style of DocPop. It’s so unexpected when you show it off.


Oh yeah. Forgot about those. 4a is definitely amazing, 5a not so much for some reason.


Actually, 5A is only impressive fast. Look at our Pip Squeak 5A champ, Takseshi; his style is 5A and it’s impressive because it’s fast. Also, yo-yoing without it connected to your hand is awesome!


Brain-Twister Combos :wink:


People always forget grinds. for some reason people think it’s amazing. All the basic 5a tricks are really showy also. I get the most feedback on the 5a. the other ones are boingys elis mach 5 and gyro

(JayVee) #16

Haha, I forgot about grinds. One time, I let my classmates come to me and I let my yo-yo grind up their arms. The next thing I knew, they were taking out their cellphones and taking videos of the grinds. They also said something about posting them on YouTube. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Mitch) #17

Yeah, I love do grinds, I did a transfer to my friends arm and she went nuts…

I think Gyro Flop looks amazing but not many people agree.

They flip about thumb grinds,

I think a smooth GT dismount looks good, no one else does…

I get excited when I pull off Skin the Gerbil nicely and the only thing they have to say is “Why is it called Skin the Gerbil?”

But yeah, alot of people want to see grinds and walk the dog…

(Jei Cheetah) #18

Grinds are very much a crowd pleaser.

I can show them to anyone and they will take a double take and go: Wha? How? what was that!?

Eli hops, boingy boingy, mach 5.

People really love it when I do 2A tanglers, but you have to do the close together fast tanglers (and hope you can get out :slight_smile: )
People always ask me how the trick is possible.



Gyro flops. :slight_smile:

Happy Throwing! =]