can grab attention..

(system) #1

For your opinion, what can grab attention? & why?

Speedcubing ( ← Rubik’s cube) or Yo-Yoing?
(Example your doing it in a crowded place…)

for me yoyoing, because it’s look different, unique, much more if your tricks are so cool, and all
the eyes of the people around you will look at you! (IMO only! ;))

how bout you?

(NOTE: Please don’t reply such thing as “Why do you compare them?” it is for fun only, and for my curiousness :))

(JonasK) #2

I find that cube solving is more limitied than yo-yoing. You can’t do a lot more than solving it.


I’d agree. Go to Times Square, New Your, yoyo there. You will be garunteed to get a lot of money. (Just don’t hit people getting on the bus!) :smiley: