Can anybody try to take a blur off a picture?


So yeah, I need to take a blur off a picture.

Don’t ask what I need to do with it, its a long story.

(JonasK) #2

My guess is that you passed Lance Armstrong on the street and had to take a picture of it.

Addment: It just looks like a bike


Can you PM me why? I’m curious.


Its a car.  :stuck_out_tongue:


(Mikey) #5

Me too!


Oh motion blur. That’s a bit different than like say an out of focus blur. I don’t have anything to do that with but some of the higher end photo editing software(s?) I think can do that. I know for sure stuff that the government uses that’s the really really high end stuff can but I’m not sure about what else can.


Ok, whatever, here’s the reason:

So yeah, the reason is pretty crazy.

There are a few teens in my neighborhood, always doing bad stuff, and this time they were driving aroung…over the speed limit, without seatbelts, they didn’t have permits, and there weren’t any adults in the car.

I just tried to take a picture so I could maybe tell the police or their parents or something, but they were moving fast, so it didn’t turn out good.

And they weren’t really “practicing” Driving, they went to the movies…alone, I bet their parets had no clue…LOL!


same thing i thought oh i can just pop open photoshop and sharpen and mess with it but naw man i guess there just goin to get away with this one