Can A yoyo be used as a weapon?



To illustrate this point, Kenta Fukasaku and Magnolia Pictures have combined their unholy powers to create this legendary instructional video, aptly titled “Yoyo Girl Cop”.
99 minutes of 30 year old women pretending to be 16 year old undercover ninja’s who have mastered the ancient art of Around the World and Tidal Wave on the choice weapon of all the worlds elite yoyo mercenaries, The Infamous Pink Yomega Fireball… with a star glued to it.
I would highly recommend this piece of… film to anyone already in a vegetative state, Zim Zam, and, of course, people like me, who will dive on a $25 dvd like they just found the Shroud of Turin, just because there’s a picture of some one holding a yoyo on it with 'splosions in the background.
It cannot be unseen. You have been so warned. ;D


Win. You mean yes though.

Girls, splosions, and yoyos…what else could a man want? Put a steak in there and then ask that. Haha.

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Don’t forget!

No commitment to said girl! lol!


Yoyos can be used as weapons but they’ll practically be just like small flails on a string.


Here is the battle scene that takes place in Japans leading random pipe storage facility.
Pipes, feet, and mean looks are all more effective weapons.




Wow. I just felt a huge chunk of my pride die.

huh. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I must ask, does it even have a plot?


SYNOPSIS: There is an internet terrorist group called “Enola Gay” that has highschool students deliver bombs to different places. These bombs are about as powerful as what they look like, which is 2 M80’s stuffed into a peanut can (DO NOT DO THIS!) and only succeed in killing the person carrying it. Occasionally windows break too.
But mostly it was a high school bully drama, easily as bad as cancer, only not as quickly moving.
Imagine Twilight, but that one chick isn’t in it and that vampire guy has a neckerchief, a plaid skirt
and a pink yoyo instead of fangs.


Alright listen,i love yo-yo’s and hot chicks fighting each other (who doesn’t?) But,c’mon this movie looks so unrealistic and just… Well,BAD.
But then again,it’s just my opinion. :stuck_out_tongue:


at its least a yoyo is a 70 gram aluminum ball at the end of a string. But it can be so much more.

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you know 70 grams is over 4 pounds…


70 g = 0.154323 lb


M2 my good friend you are thinking ounces… This is metric foo!

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heh heh… oops… i didn’t know i was your friend? lol

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My answer is yes, yoyos can be used as weapons, with the tricks like hops posp and boomerangs, yes.
BTW the girl in that movie is quite pretty and sexy too.

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You are wrong! Maybe next time you do your research!
And the only reason I’d use one for a weapon is if people keep typing in all caps


LOL somebody should design that smilie (one smilie hits the other with a dead yoyo)


No, that is a myth that people like to believe. And M2, we’re all friends here. :slight_smile: