Calling All Animation Talents!

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I am thinking about undertaking an animation project as a tribute to yo-yoing. Anyone with moderate experience with Adobe Flash and actionscript 2.0 or 3.0 is welcome to help! My vision is one that will take a very long time if I attempt it by myself. The end product will be a prototype for bringing animated yo-yo tutorials to life. Animating these tuts will allow everyone to slow down the tutorials and change the angle whenever they wish! Please post here or PM me if you are interested.


Wow, thats a really good idea ;D

Sorry, no experience here :frowning: Just saying its cool ;D

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Necro just in case. didn’t want to post a new thread.


Lol necroing your own post isn’t called necroing, its called Bumping ;D

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It’s my post. I say necro. >:( haha ;D

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Anyways… I’m learning how to animate right now (animating sigs). But I don’t think i can animate tuts ( if possible).

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Oh its possible. I just layed half-a-grand down on a student edition version of AutoDesk 3D. It’s a program that people use to creat animation models (like Master Chief in Halo for instance). It’s insane!

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Alright. I never tried animating tuts before. I can’t guarentee I’ll succeed. But I try anyways. Have you tried asking Spencer if he knows how to animate?

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im in


I cant animate, but if you have another job you want some help with, I could do some stuff

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What do you want to help with? I’ve finished the models for the 3D yos and hands to demonstrate tricks but I still need people to help with the coding


Okay, kids, will you explain “necro” and “bump” to me in old-fashioned words. I would appreciate it because I really do want to understand. I have tried to understand by using the context, but I don’t quite get it. I use the word “kids” loosely by the way.

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The original poster may “Bump” his own post by posting a reply that says Bump (it can say whatever you want, but using the phrase BUMP lets everyone know that you are simply trying to bring the thread back to the top of its category so people can see it more easily again.

“Necro” is a term that refers to someone who did not create the thread posting on a topic that has already been discussed and the posters wishes fulfilled. Like someone asking a question, getting an answer, the thread is unactive for a few weeks, then someone posts again for no reason. Hence bring the thread “back to life”.


Also, bump stands for:


I’ll think about it. How exactly does this anamation tutorial thing work?


You use flash and action script to make it possible to view a 3d tutorial, from all angles, with a speed up and slow down feature. Something like a 3d youtube. Sounds like the kind of thing Bill Gates hires his henchmen to do.


I’ve got coding experience, but I’ve never done Flash or ActionScript. Are you using CS4 to edit things? I’m interested in learning Flash / ActionScript, but I’m not sure how much time I’ll have.

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Ok, well I finished the first tut (Gravity Pull, haha). The problem is that for you to be able to adjust the angle at will within the video the file size had to be over 800MB YIKES!!! That is just way too big and not logical. My question is: do you think animated tuts are any more beneficial than live-action ones? There really isnt a difference in the way they look except I can highlight strings you need to land on, etc.


Holy crud, 800 MB? What about making a player, a file type that it can read, and an editor that can make those file types? I’m not sure if you are already doing it, but I think that might help reduce the memory space? But I’m not sure how good at coding you gotta be for that though.

And I really don’t know if it will be more beneficial. Can you supercompress it and upload it somewhere, so that I can see it? ;D

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The 800MB file I didn’t even bother rendering man, it would take 4 hours! I can upload the single view (30MB)! And the I thought about the player idea, but then it would be an .exe file.