<--------- fav. style of play

please dont copy


Ok I will ;D

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Posting this will only make it more popular. lol




No one seems to be caring :stuck_out_tongue:


hmmm… i wanna know how i did this


You put the Fav style part in the place where you put What is your favorite yoyo. You put enough yoyos to a point where a new line wold start, then you put the Fav Style thing.

Its pretty easy :stuck_out_tongue:


What!? I tried but it’s impossible! If only I were a ninja like Samad… :stuck_out_tongue:




it’s great if andre put this option…


Just because it’s the Unrelated section doesn’t mean you’re exempt from double posting and such.

I think that idea has been put up, and most of us decided the bar was getting too full and crowded.

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HelioNXG, there was no need for that double post.

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Brian already pointed that out. So I guess there was no need for your post either.