Bullying, Tolerance, and Childhood

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Hey there, YoyoExpert community,

I decided to write this to you guys tonight because I’ve been looking into the matter alot all day, and I feel like this message should be spread to as many people as possible.

As I’m sure many of you know, there has been a recent trend of bullying across the country. Kids all over the place are being picked on because of their race, religion, sexual orientation, and a host of other reasons. This is completely wrong. As a human being, you are never permitted to bring another person down because of something like that. Tormenting and harassing a person because of who they are is an incredibly low thing to do. It does not make you cool, it does not make you feel good. It is wrong, and completely unacceptable.

I decided to post this on this forum because I know that, on this board in particular, there are lots of kids. Now, I am not accusing anyone of anything. At all. I’m just putting this out as my thoughts on the matter. Anyway…

If you are a kid, realize this: childhood is a time of growth. It is a time where everyone explores their identity, their sense of who they are. The most damaging thing that you can do to a person during this process is making them believe that their identity is wrong or inferior to yours or anyone else’s. In addition, as youths, you should be able to support each other in this exploration, and be able to depend on each other in case the going gets rough.

Sometimes, it is hard to be open minded. I know that for sure. But you have to be. There are lots of people in this world. Many of them are different from you. And you are different from them. Neither of you are right, you’re just different. That’s the way it goes. If you meet someone whose ways are unfamiliar to yours, take it as an opportunity to learn about them, explore, and be open minded. Do not cast them aside as inferior, and do not in any way harass them.

We all make mistakes. I know that I’ve excluded, gossiped about, and teased people in my life. However, at the end of the day, I know that I must be able to make peace with these people. I must be able to reconcile with them, to ask their forgiveness, and start our relationship anew. It is not easy to do so, but you must attempt to mend your relationship with them. It shows them that you really care, and it alleviates so much pain.

To the bystanders: you might be reading this and say, “Hey, I’m not really involved in any of this.” The problem is, you are. Even if you don’t know it. You gotta stick up to people. You gotta be able to say, “Hey, I don’t like how you’re treating this guy.” You think you’re sounding like a loser, I know. But it is in no way a loser thing to do to stick up for someone who’s down. It’s one of the best things that you can do.

To the victims: There’s help. Go to your school guidance counselor, social worker, or whatever. You don’t have to get anybody in trouble, just talk out your problems. They will help you. Also, talk to your parents. Sometimes, it may be hard to tell them certain things. That’s something that you’ll have to decide on your own. But don’t let those people get to you, no matter what. They’re wrong to treat you that way. Please remember, it gets better.

Note: I’m not speaking on much authority, just some experience and background knowledge. If anyone is an expert in this field or just knows stuff, please let me know.

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Very Useful thread, I have seen more people lately talking about being bullied and seeing more tv shows and things like that about bullying. It’s just wrong, this thread is very good and informational preventing bullying and saying what you can do… Thank You :slight_smile:


Yes! Great post.

edit: I’m glad someone posted this, bullying really gets to me. ESPECIALLY bullying related to sexual orientation, religion, and age… not because it’s more important, but because it’s everywhere.


This made me think of my class. There is some bullying in it, and the one who do it don´t realize that it doesnt make them cooler or superior to those people they bully. Another problem problem with bullying is that in the class many times the teacher doesnt even know there is bullying going on and the victims dont tell the teacher because its being a telltale.


this takes me back…anyways i’m wondering how many people know that there are actual anti-bullying laws now…

also…old guy rant: WHERE WERE THESE LAWS 10 YEARS AGO?


I agree this needs attention and discussion.
I disagree that laws are needed to deal with it.

Is there a distinction between bullying and teasing? There should be.