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i know this sounds stupid but what the dip does BTW mean ???


By The Way

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please thank yoyofans post using the function in the top right corner of the box, and lock the thread, since theres no point in it continuing…

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and i think ftw means for the win, am i right?

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ftw can mean a lot of things. For the win, For the world, and F*** the world…


Once upon a time, people asked these things.

Then a wonderful thing called “google” came out.

The world will never be the same.

Why not use it? :slight_smile:


I would of just stayed with it means a lot of things.




Once upon a time there was a wonderful thing called chivalry and comradery.

Where man wanted to hear from another man… not a book/computer/text.

The world will never be the same without it.

Why not use it instead of treating other people like idiots?


Bing is a evil search engine created by M!cr@so#t to take over the world… and google.


But yeah, most of the time it means For The Win.