Brute Force Hacking???


What is it? I forgot my password to this online account… and then… I want to recover it, because I used to use it, and it was kinda nice to have, but yeah. So I asked my friend, and he’s like “Use Brute Force to open it.”

Me: “Huh?”

Him: “It’s a hacking thing”

Me: “What is it”

Him: “Find out yourself!”



Usually websites have a “forgot your password” thing. Brute force hacking at its height is typing every letter and number and symbol combination starting with one character and working up to x number of them. This takes forever, so usually it’s set to do between, say, 4 and 6 characters. However, nowadays things get locked often when this happens, so I don’t know that that would work with what you need.

What website is it?

(stephen_cameron) #3

I wonder if I could use this to get my friends F-book account muahah.


Ermm… The only problem is that I don’t know the email I made it on… I’ve tried all… Yeah, I’m hopeless ;D


Well that stinks.

I think they would lock the facebook account before you could get the password.

(stephen_cameron) #6

So you think i can lock my friends out or would they just block my IP address?


Does it work? And if so, where can I get it?


It works sometimes with some things. Search around on the internet and you should probably be able to find something.


I just tried, but they’re usually for files, and some cost money… I need a free one, and one that can be used online…