Anybody here watched Bruno? What are your thoughts about it?

I say, it’s a big WTF for me.


I saw Borat, and it was funny.

My parents won’t let me see it, so I have Dish Network, and once it comes on PPV, I’ll watch it. ;D


I saw BORAT but I didnt see bruno i`m going to see it with my dad some day


Looks like a stupid waste of money for me. And I’m really saying that, not because I wouldn’t be allowed to see it. They should cut the cost of the ticket for everyone who sees that at the theaters.


I know, but think of the cost to make it. They do the around the world travel for those movies.

It is stupid, but I always like to see those movies to see what it is about.

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I don’t think that the cost to make a movie should have a big impact on the viewer. Unless it’s made really cheap.


To me, paying $11 to see one movie is a complete waste. I only see about 4 movies per year in theaters.

(Cough) Harry Potter Tomorrow (Cough)


Movies here in Albuquerque actually cost only $7.00 but the food from the concession stand is uber expensive.

Oh and one advice for teenagers: Don’t watch it with your parents! It will get very awkward if you do.

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