Broke mah yoyo

(Mitch) #1

Sooo, I was at band practice and was doing some 5A with my die-nasty… Its been pretty beat up in the short time i’ve had it, and I had the drop that broke the camel’s axle. Yup… I dropped it (In the grass is the weird thing) and I didn’t think much of it, so I wound it up and gave it a throw and it was responsive. Im like, hmm must have a knot and then I saw it, it was like in a ‘V’ shape!

Im so sad… I cant even unscrew it, its done for… I finally stopped crying…


whoa dejavu i broke mine because i was playing around and wrestling with my cuzin and my die - nasty was on the ground and he squished it and the bearing seat got pushed in and broke i couldn’t take it apart till i got the hammer and i saved the bearing

weird huh

(Mitch) #3

Yeah… Im going to get another one though… Its such a great 5A player… And I mean its not that bad for 17 bucks

(Zer0) #4



ima get another yoyo but probably a legacy because i miss mine that got messed up


same thing happened to me… :frowning:

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #7

I don’t get it this happened to my Razor (phone) my friend dropped it in the grass and it snapped in half. We drop our yoyos, phones and ipods on cement and the grass is what finishes it. hmmm…