Breathe, Think, Breathe, Post

(Mitch) #1

Alright, I joined this forum in like Feb/March, and when I joined we were a good bit smaller and ALOT nicer…

Alot of people jump the gun and try their best to win an arguement spawned by an opinion…

This has created quite a hostile environment for those who just read and are looking for help…

So before you post, re-read what you are replying to, breathe, think about your post, read it over a few times, then post…

If you have beef with some one, take your dinner to PMs

Dont heckle over opinions, if you disagree, do it nicely… Getting shot down for a bad idea stinks, Im sure every one had an idea and then after every one shoots you down you go, “I wish I hadn’t made that post” :’( :’(

So guys, be happy, dont worry, every little thing is gonna be alright…

Remember this mantra: Breathe, Think, Breathe, Post

(JackG) #2

why do you gotta breathe twice?

(Mitch) #3

Helps clear your mind, and gives you time to think about what your going to say, and what you talking about…


Air= good


Nice, the forum needs someone like you. :slight_smile:

(Mitch) #5

Thanks, I appreciate that…

I think this forum needs a button so when every one gets all uptight some on can hit it and every ones speakers start playing Bob Marley or Jimmy Buffet music…


ive been a huge fan of do unto others as you would want done unto you.


Another good one…

if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say it at all. To many people on the yoyo forums feel this desire to just bash and blast for the sake of doing it.

If I see a thread with a yoyo I dont like its simple as just not clicking it. No need to feed my opinion into a thread where there is obviously people having a good time. Why ruin it? ya know? Just dont click it.



(SR) #8

That made me laugh. Good idea, btw.

(Astrojax) #9

i request a sitcky!

(JayVee) #10

This is what the preview button next to the post button is for (at least that’s what I use it for)

Same here.


You’re taking it too seriously. Its a yoyo forum; we’re here to discuss YOYOS. Just chill out. I agree with the backing away from an argument thing. A good thing about the flame wars here, is that they aren’t flame wars. They really don’t consist of any negative comments to the person themselves. If a yoyo forum is lowering your self esteem, you need to get your priority’s straight :-\

(Astrojax) #12

(i still request a sticky.)

i made a post called, “what do you not like to see on YYE forums” and everyone went off.

i think this is a wonderful post and should be stickied in every section of this website. stickied and locked so SOME OF US won’t blow a nutty.

if this is all about getting our priority’s straight, i’m fine with it. i agree with you, Samad. but the others who don’t see to it (Evan) call us idiots when we try to fix a problem and thus the fire is lit.

(JonasK) #13

You are still trying to solve a non-existant problem. And we really don’t need to sticky this. There’s really not many rude people here, it’s just that you seem to set people off. This brings me to the post you made, which was an obvious attemt to start a flame war.

I sense troll…


I feel extremely offended, I am now going to go cry to my mom and never yo-yo again.

How did I not agree with Samad? If i called you an Idiot, you are a 41 year old man,and you get offended? Really?

Astro,I am now and forever going to be against you.

Lols, I love how I am doing the opposite of this thread :slight_smile:


Wow dude…do yourself a favor and delete that post unless you want to be banned.

(Astrojax) #16

now you delete yours. :stuck_out_tongue:

(Infinite Chaos) #17

wow, you guys just can’t chill can you??

this post was supposed to be about just not saying demoralizing things to each other; “Breathe, Think, Breathe, Post”!!! if you dont have something constructive or supportive to say, DONT SAY IT!!

I really am getting tired of too many people arguing over silly things and taking those arguments to an unexceptable level.


Well, dude… You only live life once… Go Wild!


Thanks Paolo :slight_smile: Mind Hug

And your a unintellagent, immature 41 year old trying to win an argument with two eleven year olds.

And what is wrong with being mature? Do all eleven year old have to play Pokemon and eat potato chips?

Dark Chaos:

I only argue with people that ask for it, AKA AstroJax and Ko-Atom type people. And you can hate me for that all you want, I don’t care how many people hate me here, it is an ONLINE YOYO FORUM.

(Astrojax) #20

(i’ll finish the sentence)

which people overpower stupidly.