Anybody on here do league bowling? If so what’s your high score. I personally have a 268 high game and 700 something series high.


I have a 180 game high lol


I bowl in a league and on our high school team (I was only a freshman though). My high game was a 246. (I have a perfect game in 9 pin). The time I got my 246, I ended one game with 5 strikes in a row (225) and started the next with 7 in a row (246). 12 strikes in a row and it doesn’t even count as a perfect game >.>


Dang man that is impressive


Hey buddy Ive been bowling in leagues since I was 10 or so, am 24 now. I don’t take it as seriously as I once did but I still bowl every year. My average this past winter season was a 206. Ive had a couple 299s and 297’s but no 300. Think my highest series in a league was a 768. Bowling is so much fun.

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I’ve been bowling since about age 6 and am now 17. I average around a 190 and have a high game of 268. I am on the Varsity Highschool Bowling team. I go to state and a bunch of tournaments every year and end up doing bad at them. During the school year i bowl about 27 games a week. :smiley:


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I have been bowling for ONE reason.

One of my aunt is one of the best female bowlers in the world. True story.


I believe it. I was in the top 10 players in the world on the game Bleach Dark Souls a while back (A fighting game for the DS). I played so much that my DS is trashed (it still works though). No click in my d-pads, r button rarely works, i can get stuck walking to the left, A and Y button have no click, l button doesn’t always work.

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And how is this related to bowling?