Book Titile

(M²) #1

So my brother is writing a book series. He’ just can’t figure out a name for the series. It’s sorta like star wars exept more technology stuff (no force ;)) ;). It’s a sci fi series basically. He doesn’t want the series title to sound like a cheesy knock off of starwars. Because I’ve read it and really it’s not. Please vote or suggest titles of your own.


I’m sorry, just none of these names sound very exciting at all.

If I saw in a book on the shelf with any of these names I doubt I would read it.

(M²) #3

Tell you the truth that’s what I thought. But I made a little mistake. It’s the name of the series not a book. But if you don’t like them i’m sure he’d appreciate it if you’d suggest one.

(Q) #4

Tales from the Space Frontlines?
War Above: What Happens in the Stars?
Space Wars!
Galactic Campaigns

Theres really not a good name for a space battle book that doesn’t sound absolutely corny

(M²) #5

I know… The names he’s thought of so far are pretty bad…

(Q) #6

Lol. Tell him to have it be something that has nothing to do with the books (IE twilight ::slight_smile: ) Like… Running Elephants. hah