(Frank W.) #1

Anyone here into Bonsai trees i am going to start a Bonsai system up here in a little bit hopefully.

(Jeromy K.) #2

Yep I use to have a few when I was younger. My mom left them out in the sun for a week and killed 10 of them when I was on vacation. One day I’ll start again.

(Frank W.) #3

Dang that sucks l0l, any good websites you got yours from?

(Jeromy K.) #4

The best way I found them is go to the tree nuserys in your area or home depo and go through the shrubs and trees, find ones with a good flow, take them home and start the job of hacking and shaping them and after a while you will have some nice trees. It takes some time to find good ones but it is worth it and way cheaper than ordering online. Pluse you will have trees that can take your local weather and temp.

(Frank W.) #5

Sweet, i’ve been reading & looking around & everything and person says try to stay local rather than have it shipped to your house. My friend did that & his bonsai was like half dead & a month late.