BMX Flatland


Does anyone here ride flatland? I’m looking into a bike 250-350.
I’m currently looking at the:
DK Helio 2010
Stolen Wrap 2010
Subrosa Salvador
Verde Eon
We The People Arcade
Help me out And One again im looking forward to doing flatland.
Thanks! ;D


Those are all dirt jump bikes and the frame will be to long for Flatland unless you are really tall they wont be a great choice. Here is a bike that is a better choice:


Most of the frames on the bikes i put were 20 inches.  Im 5"4 so wouldnt i want a 20 inch top tube?  u would know better then me but thats what i read.


I ride flatland and heres a good bike been using this bike for years.

You wont be dissapointed


GT always make great bikes. This was my ride of choice:

Most Flatland bikes have a top tube smaller than 20 inches, it makes it easier to maneuver around the bike.


20 inch bmx bike refers to the diameter of the wheels. The top tube lengths are all different depending on your height and such.


Right, but in the world of Flatland, its all about the shortness of the top tube.


i know a bit about it. get any where from a 18 to 20 inch top tube. and just a hint, DO NOT BUY COMPLETE BIKES. put a bike together. get animal parts and i would suggest a kink frame and 2 to 3 hundred isnt gonna cut it for flatland. everything to make it your lookin at bout 600 to 1200 bucks


I know. I didn’t want him confused thinking all 20" bikes have 20" top tubes.


Thanks for the help guys!  I orderd the DK opsis and its gana be here tomorow so well see what happens.  I’m excited!!! i didnt have that much money to blow for a 600 to 1000 dollar bike.  + i’m just starting so whats the point?  thats ike buying a 150 yoyo for your first throw.  I’t makes no sense.  i heard it will do the job untill i get pretty good.  Thank you Mike! White/Black  ;D ;D ;D