BF: Heroes

(JonasK) #1

Anybody playing it? Just started last week and wondering if there are any yoyoers that I can friend there.

(Astrojax) #2

what’s that?

(JonasK) #3


Free cartoon shooter. Pretty fun to play.

(JM) #4

I just registered and am installing it. I’ll let you know once is all up and running.

(JonasK) #5

Just as a note, I suck at this game. To prove it:

(JM) #6

Is that your win ratio?

(JonasK) #7

Garsh no… even worse… it’s K/D ratio.

(JM) #8

Wow, okay then. Haha, in Halo I average about 1.78 I think but I am also pretty good at it. 0.59 doesn’t seem SOO bad, but i’ll see.

(JonasK) #9

Pretty proud of it seeing as it was like 0.45 two days ago. I’m seeing improvement. lol. The problem is that commandos can take out new players with ease.

(Astrojax) #10

i’m in. my user is YoYoJam.

(JonasK) #11

Starting off with three players in same faction. Awesome! I only have two because one can only create 4 Heroes so I’m taking tim to choose. Don’t use your commando too much though. There’s a TON of commandos on the Nat. side.