THis is really fun. I have been addicted to this the last hour straight.
You can put down gunpowder, then put magma over it… EXPLOSION!

You can use people too. Its player, or fighter.
You can sue as many fighters as you want, but only 2 players.



Stone walls + C-4 + fighters + Gunpowder = beutiful explosion

(stephen_cameron) #3

Wow this is fun haha. Ive had the best luck by making this:
Make a metal V, close the V by putting ice over the top. Fill the V almost to the top with Oil.Then make a Box, using C-4, the only non C-4 part of the box is the ice bottom. Fill with Gun powder. Use torch in the area with the Oil. Bam!


Not neccasarily the best game, but the most fun :smiley: game.

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(M²) #6

It would be funner if it actually had real life stuff and not just lines…

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(Troy(oyo) #9

This is basically a recreation of the Falling Sand game. There are .exe’s of it. i have on on my pc. But they usually have less elements. This version is pretty sweet.

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free bump!!!

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This is something I do when I really can’t think of anything. I put it after cleaning on my “things I do when I’m bored” list.