Best/coolest person to post on YYE


Who do you think was the coolest/best person to post on YYE?

I think DocRobot was a very awsome person, and, yeah.


Me. Definitely. Ha I don’t know, I wasn’t really around when Doc was still posting so I can’t really answer. André?


Honestly, I don’t think André is active enough.


Me. :wink:


André, nuff said.

And you’re not conceited :stuck_out_tongue:


Andre, he made this forum. Without him, we wouldn’t be able to post here.


Brandon Jackson and Ben McPhee. And Andre.

(Johnny T) #8

I’d go with Andre. It’s good to have the Team Captain of YYJ here.

P.S. Having Samad here is also the coolest person here. ;D


Samad by far.


Logan, samad, kim-lan, juan, people that post alot… ;D


Thanks ;D

(SR) #12

All the eXperts, and gm user, rsmod, xdohl, and me lol.

(Shisaki) #13

Dont forget me :smiley:

(Mitch) #14


I’d Have to say Augie or Andre, they dont post often but when they do its awesome

(JonasK) #15

DocRobot. He made the best posts I’ve ever seen. And you just can’t argue with that.

Addment: The man’s a genius.

(JDrocks!) #16

phenix, jayyo, andre, augie, gm user, samad, kim lan, DocRobot , and the…ORGANIZER! ;D :wink:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #17

There is no coolest person. :o
Or is there…



Oh yeah, I forgot Augie!
Also, Nathan Crissey.

(JackG) #19

Definately, Samad


Thank you.

The reason people don’t say DocRobot is because they weren’t here when he was posting, or some simply say that because he left he isn’t a good member. The man was truly an awsome person.