Since I dont like putting videos of me yoyoing online,
YYE is beginning to get a teensy weensy boring for mee , heheh .
So … Ive been thinking, what if you were like, "Oh my gosh! Dude! I need a song for (INSERTCONTESTNAMEHERE)! But I dont know whats a good song to use!!" ? Have you ever been like that ? heheh, Well, I've been told that I know quite a few tight songs, and since I barely have anything to do on here anymore, Im willing to tell you them ! ahahah . And I`ve also been thinking that maybe if anyone has any problems, I think that I’d be willing to help . Hahah . Thats how bored I get on here noww .

(Jerry) #2

You got so bored you posted 8 times NO WAY same thing happened to me after 75
but yeah I guess if I compete or anything ill PM you for a good song :wink:

(JM) #3

So let me get this straight…you’re bored, and now your going to use YYE for what it’s designed for…



Pretty muuch . Ahahah . xD


The chat is a get place for entertainment.