beginners spin tops


so I’ve watched a few spining top vids and now i got to try them out. just one problem i can’t find any advice on what to start out with. If any of you top throwing people got some advice for a beginner who has never thrown a top before it would be greatly appreciated. I would like to know what kind of top to star with and any advice or vids on how to start out. thanks ahead of time guys


There is some on It looks like they are both for beginners and are well playing. When you get really good I would buy the Yoyofactory Spin Top which is awesome to Spin Top players. You can get them at contests like the BAC. Hope this helps your start your journey through the world of Spin Topping. :wink: ;D :slight_smile:


wrong section similiar to yoyos but its supposed to be in unrelated disussion

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It spins and has a string, how exactly is that unrelated to yoyos?


cause are they called yoyos or spintops?


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Back on point please.
You first need to decide how much you are going to spend. My first top was an Trompo Grand from Spintastics, great top and large enough to catch easy. But there are a few good Mexican tops I would recommend also. I have a ever growing collection of tops right now so I can point you in a decent direction. PM me and let me know.


i just ordered a sidewinder for my first top
when i get it i will tell you what i think of it :slight_smile:


i look foward to hearing how the sidewinder works out for you i’m probably going to go for a spintastics fixed tip for my first. I will post how i feel about it when i get one


i was reading some things about string langht for spin tops and does it reall matter
how do you know how short to cut it?

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String length is a trick thing you need to find out what works for you. Start with the length given to you and just do a spinner to the floor try to get it to spin straight up and down. That will give you a good starting point. If you are struggling with getting a good straight spinner shorten the string by a 1 or so, don’t cut it of just wrap it around the button. This will take a little trial and error but it will be worth it after you get the right length. Once you are consistent on the the throw you will be ready for the boomerang. I hope this helps.


I played with a Duncan Imperial until I learned the Boomerang then moved to a better one.

Drop it to the floor and cut at your shoulder.


3 things
1.) i got my side winder today
2.)i am parcticing bommarang and having trouble getting it stright
like it is sideways when i throw it sometimes
3.)i saw your spin top video Jeromy and that helped ALOT thanks ;D