Because of Yo-yoing, I


Because of Yo-yoing, I

- More Patient

  • More Confident
  • Think more deep, Hahaha
  • Creativity

And do many more…

How bout you?


Have something to do.


Have met a lot of great people.

(JonasK) #4

Am saving money.


Have something to do.

Am trying to spend less money than before. (So I could buy what yoyos come out next.)

Am exited about the future.

(Raphael) #6

Have made friends and other great people :slight_smile:

(Jerry) #7


Because of Yo-yoing, I have a yoyo. :smiley:

(~ZB~) #9

Because of yoyoing I,
Have something to do this summer :wink:
Have a unique talent that’s rare around these parts :smiley:
Can have my friends pat me on the back for something other than band :stuck_out_tongue:


Because of YoYoing I,

Came to this site. And I think that’s the best thing of all. :slight_smile:


Because of my girlfriend breaking up with me, I can use way more time yoyoing.(Haha.)

Because of yoyoing I,
Have something to do this summer
Met a lot of awesome people on YYE- Like, but not limited to-Jayyo, Samad
Can do stuff most people can’t do
More patient(working on tricks. You shoulda seen me lose a video game before I started yoyoing. Lol.)
Save money
Am on the computer learning tricks and “foruming”-On the computer twice as much as before.
Can show people my $40 yo and have them laugh at me for a “waste of money”- learning to not care what people think.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #12

Am Wasting money.

(Mark) #13

Because of yoyoing,:
I now have a shaky right hand.
I have a very beefy right hand.
My guitar skills have improved.
I learned my parents are anti-yoyo people. (More like no buying yoyos)
I am partially insane due to the fact that I have money to get a new yoyo but I can’t. JK. But yeah part of it is true… Not the Insane part.
I learned more physics yoyoing than in high school.
I have heat/friction resistant fingers.
Whenever something is coming at me at mach 5, I can see it and catch the object.
I can spell Kwyjibo.


Because of yoyoing, I:

  • discovered I like collecting shiny metal objects :slight_smile:
  • met some nice people online and offline ;D
  • finally have something to upload to youtube (subscribers, woot) :smiley:
  • have a fun evening and weekend activity to pursue with my son ;D
  • spend too much time scanning the B/S/T thread ::slight_smile:
  • spend less time playing video games :stuck_out_tongue:
  • spend less time watching TV :stuck_out_tongue:
  • have some extra dents on the hardwood floor and coffee table :-\

(AudienceOfOne.) #15

Because of yoyoing, I

-have an awesome hobby that people think is amazing :slight_smile:
-have better hand and eye coordination :slight_smile:
-met very cool and nice people (i.e. contests, online) :smiley:
-spent ALOT of money :o
-found my permanent hobby :stuck_out_tongue:
-hear people’s demands of “rocking the baby” and “walk the dog” :-X
-enjoy my new hobby ;D
-met yoyo celebrities ;D
-got my friends and other people into yoyoing in HIGHSCHOOL ;D :smiley: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
-am the first freshman in 2008 to bring a “new generation” of yoyoing to HIGHSCHOOL. ;D ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:



Have a strong right arm and hand
Unique talent around these parts
Spread yo-yoing.
Made friends with different talents
Met great people, which I mean everyone on here.

(JayVee) #17

Because of Yo-yoing, I:

-Am writing this list ;D
-Finally got something to do other than video games this summer(hooray)
-Became one of the most well-known people at school :smiley:
-Finally have something worthwhile to upload on YouTube
-Learned that practice makes perfect permanence
-Have a really sore shoulder when I wake up in the morning
-Have become a more patient person(you should see how many people ask to borrow my yo-yo)
-Became hooked to going on forums :slight_smile:
-Gather a lot of attention from random people walking past me
-Learned of a sport many people enjoy, yet so few take to the next level


Can show people my $40 yo and have them laugh at me for a “waste of money”- learning to not care what people think.

found something to stand up for

live off of the 2nd oldest toy known to man

i got this really annoying person to follow me arround and really truly stalk me(and he asks really stupid questions like “whats a bell bearing?” (and yes he did think it was “bell” bearing) or “is this yoyo good” then ill say something like “if you think so” or “i honestly couldn’t care less”

and above all I LEARNED TO YOYO


Because of yoyoing I have met new friends, have something to do all sumer, there is also a kid that stalks me to ask me dumb questions about yoyos. He has asked me what type of yoyo do you have so many times that I just do not answer his questions anymore.


Because of yoyoing I have a great party trick. ::slight_smile: