bearing poll


so yeah comment if there is a kind i missed that you would vote for. and also, they have to be size C.


Okay, it is obvious about your post that you are looking for a bearing to buy.

What is your price range?


uhh i’ll buy anything



I like the 10-Ball the best, but many people don’t.

The 10-Ball is one of the quietest bearings out there.

I like the ones you posted in this order:
BC Grooved Bearing
And I haven’t tried a mercury bearing.

Another good choice would be the AIGR bearing.

If you’re ready to buy anything, I would try KonKaves also. I persenally am not a huge fan of them, but many people are.

I’m not sure if this post will help you, but I hope it does. :slight_smile:


can you tell me about the bc grooved bearing? is it quiet and is it good?


They aren’t too quiet, but no bearing is quiet forever, even 10-Balls are loud after broken in, but a little lube will make it shut up.

Good is however, a matter of preference. they’re performance is good in my opinion, but I like other bearings better. Some people like them better than anything, so it is all preference.



10 ball is by far best
then spec

koncave is nice for the concave to center the string for practice , but i think the metal used for the bearing balls is crapy