Baseball bat


hi, right now i currently do not have a bat so i of is going to get a new one. but i need to see which bat you people would recommend. i was thinking easton synergy or stealth speed. i do not like combats or denmarinis. please give recomendations. thank you!

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i have a easton stealth but its an older one and its really good, i like it alot, but my favorite (i dont own it) is a rawlings rush, i used it for one season, and i hit the ball everytime for 7 games straight!


The newer Stealth is nice but nothing like the ones from a couple years ago in my opinion.

Go with any Demarini. They are by far the best bats and I can’t think of a reason why you shouldn’t like them.

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its all preference though, what weight and length do you want, composite or aluminum? but rawlings has some really good bats, if you have a rawlings store nearby (not sports stores, an actual all rawlings store) you can get them cheaper some times, but my favorite has to be a rush. Some popular brands are lousiville slugger, easton, demarani, nike, thats just off the top of my head. The nike aero is pretty good too, i had the older version when it was cheap and loved it, in the little league world series most of the players use stealths and CF4s. Ill probaly be watching the little league world series which is next month and i can tell you what is used most. Or just a bat from target will work or wal mart, my cousin used a bat from walmart and used it for a long time, he even made all stars with it, and i used one from target for 2 years and some times i still use it. So go for whatever, see whats comfortable at your local sports store, take some slow swings, make sure its a good weight, the length should be to your waist i believe


i like the de marini vendetta


hey any1 would recommend a 1st basemen glove to me?