banners problem

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so how do i put it on. i used bannermaker.

put the address here


when you are done look down in the bottom right corner and it will say “get the codes” or something along those lines. Click on it and it will bring up a screen that has codes for the banner. Scroll down and find " Code for forums ". Highlight the U.R.L code under where it says " Code for forums " and copy the U.R.L and paste it in the signature or background. Then scroll down and click on change profile and you have your signature/background.

Hope this helped!


^^That code goes in your signature, not all that HTML stuff.






I already said it goes in your signature. The HTML stuff doesn’t matter.


What? I wasn’t trying to correct you or anything…


Oh, I’m sorry. :frowning:


Notice how I said the address and not the code?

Find the picture you want. Right click it. Click properties. There will be something that says Address (URL). Triple click the part after that to highlight it and hit “control C” to copy it, then go to your signature space and hit “control V” to paste it.


Um, I already said that.


Umm kind of… Most sites that I’ve used for pictures though haven’t had anything about “Code for Forums” so I was telling something that would work for any and all pictures…


Oh, I’m talking about


Ew for using an online banner website. Other people do have to look at the eyesores those things make. There are plenty of people on this forum that would make you one.

As Apetrunk already said, just put the image location of the picture between image tags.