Banned from chat for no reason


My friend (mishka) and I came on chat, and no one was currently on except us (everyone was idle), so we started chatting in our native language, because we did not think anyone else would see it. Then, just randomly, someone bans us both. I would like for us to be unbanned, and the admin/mod talked to, because honestly, this is abuse. If someone could please contact me about this whenever is convenient, I’d appreciate it!


From the YYE chat rules…


We’ve been dealing with some spam recently, so I’m a bit on edge. Starting off a conversation with this certainly doesn’t help.


You are now unbanned.


A lot of us hang out in that channel even when we’re quiet, so try to stick to English so we can participate. Idle on mibbit doesn’t mean we’re not reading.



Thanks, I’ll be sure to speak English and tell my friend to as well

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Um I think you meant to post that in this thread LOL.,74742.0/topicseen.html


Yup see I corrected myself on the wrong frikkin thread lol

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Lol I has to do a double take to see if I was reading the right thread haha :smiley:


Reminds me of that other “I’m banned?” thread.