Balls On A String - Astrojax Video


What do you guys think? In some free time I like to mess around with Astrojax. :stuck_out_tongue:

(M²) #2

Personally i think astrojacks are a waste of time. They don’t fell like something you can do solid tricks with and to the viewer it just looks like a bunch of random swinging. But if you find it fun don’t stop doing it.

(JayVee) #3

Awesome video! Just a few things though:
You might want to readjust the camera angle. I couldn’t see the Astrojax in many parts because they were off the screen. Also, you might want to shorten some of the transitions between clips. I found it confusing trying to look at two things at the same time.

Other than that, the video was great!



Search Cizrek on youtube. He’s got the Astroskilz.

(Jei Cheetah) #6

Nice video man!

As for people that might not see much in AJ, you may think different after seeing some of Cizreks stuff.


  1. It’s Astrojax

  2. You can do solid tricks with them, it just takes a lot of practice (just like yoyoing) they are a skilltoy that is just a little more complex. If you watch Cizrek on youtube you’ll see this, he is also a yoyoer (but he plays astrojax mainly) who has very good technical control over astrojax.

If you aren’t interested in Astrojax it’s going to look like some big waste of time or toy that doesn’t take any skill, which is a problem I find that a lot of people in the YoYo community think. If people opened their eyes they’d see that it’s a skilltoy just as viable as anything else out there (different stuff for different people). The only problem is that it’s under patent for ONE company, so they control ALL production so obviously it’s harder to have more on the market. If there were several companies making them it might be a little different, they might have been a little more popular.

That’s just my two cents though, I love yoyoing and I throw a lot more than I play AJs but I think the AJ community needs a little more support and people need to stop just thinking of AJ as some toy and start seeing it as an actual skilltoy.


For the name . . . AMAZING

For the Video . . . Fabulous


It looks a little less precise than yoyoing, which is a minus, but other than that, it was good. I can imagine th ehours you spent trying to master tha, so ill respect it.


People never remember what they’re called and I’m so used to hearing balls on a string I was just like, whatever.

Thanks Man.

That’s just the way I like to play with them, if you check out some pros you can see how precise they are, Chrismanic and Cizrek are both good examples.

(JM) #11

I’ve always thought astrojax would be a good way to practice 5A elements without having to worry about a wildly spinning dead yo-yo. Maybe not.

Cool video anyway man!


See astrojax is like yoyos in the fact that you can see different styles but astrojax it’s really evident if you watch a couple of videos.

Astrojax are hard to control, it takes practice but it feels good to pull it off.

Plus it’s like Bebop, you can totally suck and people will be like “Oh, it’s so artistic.”

(Not that I do that)


Oh, and yoyoing isn’t a waste of time?! Yoyoing is totaly useless! What’s the point in it?!
Maybe it’s useful in that you can put on shows for money, but other than that, it’s just a way for humans to feel a sense of accomplicsment, and to look at a pretty show for entertainment.


Jump gratz to you; astrojax is just another skill toy like diablos or yoyos.


“Personally I think yoyos are a waste of time. They don’t fell like something you can do solid tricks with and to the viewer it just looks like a bunch of random swinging. But if you find it fun don’t stop doing it.” - Person who astrojax’s likely response.

Haha. Seriously though, if I was serious about astrojax and didn’t know about yoyos, I’d say something along those lines.

Amazing video, BTW. You’ve got some great skills.


I don’t mean to offend anyone, but before I started throwing i thought yoyoing looked sooooooooo awesome and that it looked fun as nuts but looking at astrojax, it really does look like a bunch of mad swinging like you’re making it up as you go. But not the pros. But even the pro astrojaxers don’t make astrojax look like fun and the stuff looks barely impressive

that’s just what I think


Here’s one with Claudia Yvette and Cizrek.  Some may not remember Cizrek, I don’t know if he’s every been on YYE but he used to be pretty active in the Yo-Yo community.  Claudia has been Yo-Yoing recently it looks like as well.  It’s kind of interesting to see what she does cause her background is more in Jaxin’.  Another really good Jaxer is Chris Manic… he’s FAST, REAL FAST.

Jaxin’ is like 5A, 2A and Juggling all rolled into one.  What a lot of people don’t realize is that when done right these people need to know exactly where all 3 orbs are and where they’re going.  It can in my opinion be 10x harder then Throwing, and in my opinion because it’s so open ended be far more expressive.

I’ve done both, and both have their challenges.  However Yo-Yoing is still and always will be my main skill toy passion.  But I have a lot of respect for Jaxers, sometimes a lot more then I do for some modern day Yo-Players.  Nice Vid MaxL, Keep it up!


I think astrojaxing is really cool with an astrojax with light effects. It is not so great in the daylight, trying to avoid collisions, but try to turn off the light and watch light balls flying in front of you while pulling off some of the easiest tricks.