Back up your computer!


Hello all. This is just a quick reminder for all of you. If you ever save anything that you would ever need to open sometimes later ever, back it up to a flash drive or an external drive or something. It’s worth the extra time to back it up if you don’t have to spend that much more time to redo everything later.

The teachers at my school were all sent an email to back everything on their laptops that they needed to save to the network. Some of them heeded this message and backed their stuff up. They haven’t had problems. Some did not heed this message and chose to hope that their stuff would be backed up for them. We then had to redo our entire network this summer due to a security breach which means that we had to re-image everything. Several of those teachers that didn’t back their stuff up lost that stuff and are now just out of luck. One such teacher had the results from the last 2 years of 3 sports seasons (cross country, girl’s basketball, and track) saved on his computer but not backed up anywhere. It is not gone.

So just a reminder, again. Back up your computer!


This is such a true statement. I work in IT and this is one of the biggest issues I deal with. I wish I had $0.25 for every time I heard “My PC was re-imaged and I don’t have my saved documents, can you get them back?”. I’d be one rich man. :smiley:


This is the truth, ghost ftw. This did also make me think of a wonderous project called Live Mesh. It allows for online device pairing, the simplest remote software I’ve ever encountered, as well as free online storage.