Do you get a message if its your birthday? Its mine today. :slight_smile:


Are you saying you forgot when your birthday was?

Happy Birthday Man. How old?

(Mikey) #3

oh, i dont no but happy b-day! ;D


a message from who? Happy 12 Birthday ;D Just one more year, and you can join facebook, youtube, myspace, hotmail, yahoo, and a lot of things ;D


I’m on Youtube. I put in a fake age. Lol.


lol me too, im 13, but im 15 or something on youtube lol ;D


I’m 16 on YouTube. :slight_smile:


So old!! I feel like I’m talking to a gramma. ;D

Happy Birthday! (I can play that song with my hands)

(Mark) #9

Theres a birthday bar on the bottom of the forum discussions section.


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