Samad and Kim-Lan are totally awsome!!! Nice new video Samad! Its great! And Kim-Lan, if you see this, what instruments do you play? I’m in percussion. W00t!


Im not sure why, but i have a feeling she plays the clarinet… Ima go try to find out.


i play drums!


Yup, its the clarinet! I knew that i knew that i was right!


Er…uh…love ya’ too :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, I don’t love you. Just saying your awesome!


Yeah, the tongue smiley was there to signify that it was a joke.


So thats what that face means.


Not necessarily, however in the context I was using it in, I thought it was implied.


Oh. Man, its like we’re the only ones ever posting around this time. When you look at the forum list on the home page, you only see our names.