AWESOME amatuer parkour


awesome amateur parkour video ;D


vaulting to the MAX! is it you in that? I like it because its not like jumping from building to building but i know i couldn’t just jump up and do it with out practice.


yeah I’m the one that’s usually wearing the blue shorts ;D and thanks we’ve been practicing quite a bit haha

(LookAYoYo) #4

i love parkour. most teens do. so one criticism, try not to use the same effect over and over agin, in this case, rewinding. try to mix it up with some slowmotion

(Cameron (and his yoyo)) #5

A little tip from me that your don’t have to take, but I suggest you go to a gym (gymnastics) and practice there. They have mats and spring floors and even professionals who know what they are doing. Me watching your videos being a former gymnast scares me, I feel like your going to do something bigger, and since your not practicing right, you will end up eating it hard. But besides how you did it, it was still very cool and I would love to see more.