Audio question.


Does somebody knows here bout a software that can mute the vocal of a song but the instruments are un-mute, i mean Minus-one song.

and another, what Photo editing software do you use in your sigs?



For me, i like to use Paint.Net. NOT PAINT! PAINT.NET AND PAINT ARE DIFFERENT! Its like a free yet powerful version of photoshop, imho its more user friendly.

More advanced users who need more advanced programs use Photoshop usually. Cough Lots of people torrent it illegally Cough!

Anyway, you can try out using audacity to mute the audio. Not necessarily gonna work though.

I don’t like the software.


I don’t have a picture in my signature so I can’t answer the question about the picture.

For audio, your own bet is audacity but that probably won’t work. The problem with taking part of a song apart is that when it gets saved it is all grouped together so there is no way to split it, but you might get lucky ;D

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o right