(Astrojax) #1

who here does it? what’s your favorite Astrojax? mine’s the Astrojax Saturn. it lights up and it’s really cool! so who else?

(Jei Cheetah) #2

I AJ quite a bit.

My main set up was Joe-bros mod. (Vmax core with plus outer shell), and I used different mods as well as stock.

I now use Aquas. Very smooth AJ, and just better imo.

My inspiration comes a lot from Joebros vids actually.
He has a really cool style.

And obviously Cizrek has insane stuff too.


(Astrojax) #3

Cool! 8)

(Waylon) #4

I just started a few days ago. I can only do some orbits and switches right now but I like it well enought to keep picking them up. V-max stock is all I’ve tried but I’d like to try Aquas because I hear they’re heavier.