So, I’ve been looking for a new skill toy. I haven’t been enjoying yoyoing as much as I use to. I’m not quitting, just not going to do it as much for a while

Anyways, I’m wondering if it is really necissary to buy an astrojax, or could I just put 3 counterweights together. I did that once, and was courios if there is any major difference.



Counterweights aren’t desined to work the way astrojax are, astrojax use a weight inside of each ball which makes it a lot better. (Except aquas which use inertia from liquid). Also the string for astrojax is a lot different then yoyo string.

Just pick up a pair of plus or v-max if you are curious, they are about 10$ from Jim (the guy who runs it) is a really good guy and if you have any questions just send him an email.

But if you want to play astrojax please just get some astrojax, in the end you’re only helping yourself because three counterweights on a string are actually a lot different.

I really love Aquas because they are bigger but beware sometimes they leak a bit from trauma. Your best bet is to try some pluses and vmax. Plus are soft foam and VMAX are hard plastic. IF you still like it upgrade to Aquas because they pretty much are the best astrojax.


I love my Pluses, and I play them all the time. Much easier on your hands when you’re first learning then V-Max’s.


OH MAN!! I remember AJs… wow nostalgia for me ;D

anyways, i looked up once just random stuff about astrojax and i found a big…GIANT…BEEFY equation of how heavy the cw’s are supposed to be, how far apart, and string length. Lemme see if i can find it…

naw, they changed the site since i was last there and took the math off.

but, in short, no. normal cw’s will not work.


Thanks guys. I’ll see if I’ll end up getting some.

(Mitch) #6

I want to get into AstroJax as well… Is there any place to buy them besides online? Like does walmart or Target carry them?


Spencers Gifts sometimes carries Astrojax, other than that it’s hard to find them in stores.

Also the only Astrojax that Spencers carries are the Saturns (which are basically Vmaxes with LEDs inside of them).

You are pretty much stuck to ordering online unless you can find them in a store.

Long story short; pretty much impossible to find them anywhere other than online.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

get a kendama. XD


Boston Mueseum of science has 'em… If your near there :smiley:


If anyone is looking for a pair of AJ i have an unused set lying around.


It’s official: I tried a set of astrojax made from counterweights and a yoyo string. It’s totally different and not even close to the same. Astrojax are much more smooth and are bigger as well as heavier.