are you born, or are you made?


I want to yoyo fast, but I just can’t. Maybe it’s because it’s so humid here, maybe it’s just me. However, my question is, are you born fast, can you be made fast, or should I buy some gloves.

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Made fast, no one is ‘born’ with the skill of yoyoing. If it’s humid, I do suggest getting gloves.


I bought some gloves and improved my speed a lot. Now I’m like doing tricks as fast as Yuuki Spencer. Get some gloves.


gloves + practice. Me personally though I like pore tape much better, but it’s nice and dry where I’m at.


but then again, nobody lives in utah :wink:


totally, Arizona pwns utah :smiley:


Arizona? more like ARIZONO no way man.


you are both wrong, MA owns, I could stalk andre if I wanted…


Eh there’s no perks in stalking it just doesn’t work. Let me know when Celtics make it to the Finals again. Oh and enjoy Shaq.


gloves work well.


hahaha MA rules


Why is this in unrelated descusion?

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Why do I somehow doubt that the mere act of buying gloves makes you go that fast?


Gloves reduce friction, making you go faster.

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How do they reduce friction might I ask?
Our skin is smooth is it not? It doesnt even matter.
Gloves are IMO just to keep from getting burns while doing very fast sequences.

They will NOT make you go the speed of Yuuki, or any faster. That comes with practice.
Friction has nothing to do with making your tricks any faster .

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I saw the title and the next thing I saw was Jtman’s post, I’m glad the subject wasn’t what I thought it was O_o


Wow Pat…


well, It doesn’t have to do with yoyoing in general, as it slightly concerns the skill of the hands, and I’m not really looking for help, so I thought it would be best to go here.


Well, I made my tricks A LOT faster, and my hands were always sweaty and the gloves make you increase speed. For every thing I say, you always start an argument, lol.


do you think I can get nylon gloves somewhere thats NOT yyn? How does nylon compare to latex? The latex gloves usually feel awkward.