Are you a hobbyist?


Yes or No answer and if you would like you could list some.

Spray paint art, free running, rubix cube, trampoline



Some Hacky Sack, photography, card games, and video production.

(LookAYoYo) #3


videogames, yoyo (duh), janzi (chinese hackysack) poi

(Cinimod105) #4

Chess, scrabble, chatter rings, just to name a few. Starting too many hobbies makes one busy.


yoyo, video games, cubing, juggling, card tricks

(WildCat23) #6



What’s your problem?

Halo pro, Happy Wheels addict, collecting Hot Wheels, RC trucks, video making.


modding, Juggling, spin tops, Custom fabrication of strange things (metal), internet, fishing, Shrimping, Fishing, Oh and more fishing!!!


My hobbies is yoyo.making music,watch TV,browsing the internet etc.


Yoyos (The obvious), Diabolo, unicycle, drawing, amusement parks/coaster enthusiast (visiting parks, riding coasters, and creating virtual coasters via Rollercoaster Tycoon and No Limits Coaster Sim), Pinball, Video Games, longboards/obscure riding devices…I’ve got enough to keep me busy!

I do also like graphic design, photography, and video production/post production. Whether if this would be a hobby I’m not sure as this is my typical 40 hour week. I do enjoy it a lot!


video games, yoyos, Magic, rollercoaster enthusiast,(especially with RCT3 Platinum)


Nunchuks {AWESOME BUT PAINFUL BUT COOL}, Photography, Video productions, Vintage gaming{collecting to}, Modern gaming, Martial arts {MY PASSION}.



Yoyos (obviously), making music, magic, poi, spray paint, and shoe collecting.


yoyo, rc cars, comic books, snowboarding, long boarding, golf


Yoyos, telescopes to look at stars, fly fishing, sandboarding, roller coaster riding, swimming, rubik’s cube solving, and having fun.


He he he,

state the obvious, yoyos ;D

Now not so obvious… Space anomalies and study, telescopes, nasa, magnets (I have tons of nanodots and some that can crush bones if you get in between them) and super conductors, electric generators, electric generator windmills, solar cells and panels, science experiment kits and books, Rc helicopters, bowling, billiards, speed cubing (rubics cube 28.6 secs), computers, photography and videography, DJ sound equipment (well used to when I was a DJ), I collect movie DVDs (up to 736 DVDs), biking, all forms of magic (that ones more expensive then yoyos sometimes), competition vehicle audio, YouTube addict (posting or viewing daily), yoyoexpert (same as YouTube), baking cakes used to be a hobby, oh and I built a real D 3D projection theater in my living room. And those are the ones off the top of my head and I’m sure theres a few I might be missing along the way. I think I have A.D.D. But opposite. When I get hooked on something I never let it go.


Here’s my list:

-Robotics(FIRST robotics team 399 and FIRST Tech challenge team 72)
-Programming(I’m a java guy)
-Yoyo(1A, 2A, 3A, 5A)
-Graphic production
-audio production
-Collecting(vintage nintendo stuff)



Rubik’s cube, Yoyo, MATH(Yeah, I said Math), Pi Memorizing, Programming(Java), piano…

The list goes on and on



Yoyos, obvouisly. I fish a ton. like 5-6 hours a day in the summer. Video games every once in a while, hunting, and Airsoft.


Reading the dictionary, making pillows, watching candles melt, playing the piano, drums, beatboxing, math, cleaning shoes, fixing light bulbs, making toenail figurines, and using super glue to make fake dentures