anyone play runescape?

(g0t 5k1llz) #1

hi i was wondering if any of you played runescape.


We did actually have this topic already. :wink:

I’m on quite a bit because I decided to get a membership. “Crakhed_bob” is my name on there. There’s a few people from here and here that still get one once in a while.

EDIT: My name is now Apetrunk. I had been meaning to change it for a little while.


i used to but my name is 919ruthless lvl 100

(Thomas) #4

i used to bboyforbmj lvl 70 somthin


Mine was born2curl because i play curling. I don’t go on that often anymore; and If I do go on, I go on ritzscape.


used to play have a supper good acount that i dont use any more if anyone wants to buy? look it upp in highscores
lt guarnere