Anyone play Runescape? ???


Hi all! I was just wondering how many of u play runescape…

Please post your combat level and how often you play ;D

level 72
I play every day.

EDIT: If you want, you can PM me your username so we can chat on RS and do quests… :smiley:


Obvious spambot is obvious.

Level 72.

I stopped playing 4 years ago.


yeah, definitey spambot…

how did it get in yoyoexpert forums?


well yoyo expert
is one of the first sites that comes up when you serch yoyotricks and stuff like that so…

i guess can find yye as easily s we can

(JonasK) #5

Played runsecape for 15 minutes before I almost stabbed myself out of boredom.

Erm. I mean I RIGHTCLICKED for 15 minutes. I instantly found the game incredibly boring. Little to no elemtens of strategy, low RSP, looks like a gameboy. No offense if you play it, I just find the game incredibly shallow and boring, each to his own I guess.

I mean for being free it’s pretty… meh forget it, there are a ton of better free games out there.


If you want a GOOD version of runescape, play ritzscape.

Its 10 times better.


when was the last time you all played runescape?

oh, and btw, free to play runescape IS very boring…but membership is, in fact, better than it sounds :wink:


Level 96. Working on mining and smithing right now. I play usually during school because you can click then listen then click again later and listen again. Good game to play during school if you want to not be totally out of it.


lol nice ;D I’m not sure how you sneak in a laptop of sorts…but that’s awesome! ;D


Again, Play Ritzscape.

Its an RSPS.

They have godswords, wildy, pking, deco armour, gilded, lanterns, santa armour, and GP is worth nothing. YOu have to get Coin Credits (I have 600m or so)

If you wana a start, add me: My name is born2curl, or Ilikecheese

(JonasK) #11

I think Apetrunk hit the nail.

During school it’s ok because it doesn’t take much effort.

The membership I’ve never gotten. For that money you can get way better games and you can still get better games for free.

Cough Savage 2 Cough


i play rs. i have 4 guys.
one was 110
one was 84
one was 72
and one was 62

btw what is thewebsite tital for ritzscape?


But you gotta download the client. Then set the IP number and port to the old server. THey are on the website. Actually right here:
World 1(New world) port :43594
World 2(Old world) port :00718
THe old world is better, but has crappy economy because of a duping glitch.
The IP number is:

As for the client,
you may have to download Winrar to unzip this file*****

Once you download the client, Unzip, then open and go down to ritzscapelauncher.bat.
CLick on that, and ritz will start. Then go to file, then change server port. Change to which port you want to go on. THen go to file change server IP. THen change it to THen make a file, and have some fun!

(JonasK) #14

So imma hijack this with Savage 2 until someone starts playing it.

Whoops, I revealed my agenda.


Here are some pics::::


Gee that looks oddly similar to Runescape. I’m sure somebody could get sued over that.

And is that one of those copies of the game that you can like give yourself all the money you want?


rs ftw
lv 85
I just got ancients yesterday :smiley:

My name is Poypoy777
add me



you can get a newer client and it will look like the runescape today.

There is 2 servers on ritzscape. THe old and new one.

Old server, you can duplicate items on. But it has stopped, because the mods have Ip banned all the people who have, and taken away the items.
I still have some illegal items myself :smiley: SHHHHHHH dont tell!

New server, is un-dupable! Yay!

Apetrunk, you should try it. THe server released some new items a couple days ago like:

Rune H’ween mask
Barrows H’ween mask
Black H’ween mask
Gold Santa hat
And wings, that you can buy off of the website.

Anybody who starts ritzscape, add me! My user is Born2curl


Titanium221, My display name is “Awli of Here”. Add me =)

(JonasK) #20

Yup, ritzscape is one of several runescape clones. Runescape looks like an awfully easy game to clone, and I guess it is since there have been several clones out there. That said I’m guessing it’s illegal.

Yeah and Imma keep hijacking with Savage 2 just so you know it. Way better game for being free, I’d say it beats a lot of games that aren’t free too.

Also, Runescape graphics really looks like a GameBoy Color. I believe in gameplay over graphics, but rightclicking for straight hours is just a lot worse when watching these blobs fly around.