Anyone play Magic?


I just got my first deck yesterday and I’m addicited to it already.I was wondering if anyone here plays magic,what decks you have,what cards you have in what decks blah blah blah

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I dont play Magic because I don’t really give into their scheme. They retire cards and release new ones and thats how they make their profit. Its annoying to me and I dont have the money to keep up with it.


They retire?Well i didnt know that but i guess i will live with it.i like the game alot

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Magic as a game is pretty fun but yes if youre looking to compete professionally, like in tournys, you have to use cards which are in the current run. Every few months a new set becomes unplayable.


Tie Mcclean/beverchakus1 does…hes MIA…just like the DBYY guy…what a coincidence…

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I’ve been playing for 6 years so let me clarify something. You only need to use cards form the current sets (which goes back about a year or so) in some of the tournys. And yes, they worry more about marketing a little more than they use too, which disapoints me a little, but not nearly as much as yugioh or other games like that. Plus, the tourneys that make it so you can only use cards from sets make things pretty interesting sometimes. And a majority of when you play magic, which will be with your friends, it won’t matter.


how do you play magic?


I don’t play Magic, but this seems pretty informative.

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Magic is pretty dumb simple to learn. I wouldnt worry about having a hard time picking it up.


Thats not true at all bud.You can pick it up kinda fast but its a lilttle complicated at first

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Basic eh? Let me show you… the rule book

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Rules complicate things. Its all on the cards. There isnt much to know that the cards don’t tell you, or you learn by making a wrong move and being corrected.

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Well, they do a lot of that in yu gi oh, but not so much in magic. They use keywords (meaning they print one workd on the card e.g. haste) and your expected to know how that affects the card, plus combat can be pretty complicated too. In fact, if anything, i’d the fact that magic is so complicated is one of it’s weakneses.


i did for 2 years and then quit , i have a crapload of stuff collecting dust , i could sell some to you


cool,i only have one deck as of now so i could use some more stuff


since you were 8?

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7 actually