Anyone need a number generator???


If you are having a raffle, and need a number generator, or you’re just bored, just PM me the number of digits you want to be in the answer, and your email, and I’ll give you a generator.

Just look at the part where it says: The number is …

I can also give you a number game… where you guess the number…


I think they could just search “number generator” on Google if they wanted. It gives you tons of results. Just saying. It’s nice of you to offer, though.


yeah, its nice of you to offer. But whats the point lols? o.0 Btw, did you make the generator yourself? If you did, ill pm u my email.


Yes, I did make it, and there is a guess the number game. ;D


Send it to me! My email is on my profile. i dont care how many digits, maybe 3.