Anyone knows spanish?


Anyone know spanish?

(Chase Baxter) #2

i know a tiny but from spanish class and some family but not much, why?


I wanted to know who in the forums speaks spanish, I speak spanish.

(Thomas) #4

I speak german spanish english and chinese

(Mi) #5

The rules clearly state this is an english forum, and foreign languages are not permitted.

(Thomas) #6

Then y does apetrunk say stuff in spanish someties

(Mi) #7

I would say that “Hola” as hello does not count. Konnichiwa or Guten Morgen shouldnt be a problem either, but flat out speaking in other languages is not permitted because the younger people on the site are english. There is a spanish yoyo site. Check out B!st’s forum.


Spanish isnt being talked on this thread so theres nothing wrong with this thread.


I speak Spanish, and also Hindi. Enough of that Canadian Mi!


Im from Mexico so obviously i speak spanish…}
Yo soy de México asi que obviamente se hablar españos