Anyone done some cool experiments lately?


Here is what I did, I made a hydrogen generator from a small grape juice bottle. Then I filled a really small bottle (7.5cm tall 3.5cm diameter) 2 thirds of hydrogen I took it out of the bucket with water and drain the left over water on the bottle. I put in it a cap with a small hole drilled to it. The I took the wires from the generator and attached to them an 18cm steel thin wire. I enter in the small bottle the 2 wires and touched them this cause a spark the ignited the hydrogen instantly. I was really fun the small bottle traveled like half a meter through the floor. If I added a stick to it and pointed it upwards it would make a small rocket. The thing sounds very loud so I wore ear protection and so me gogles just for more safety. The sound is like the noise that happens when you shake a champain bottle and release the cork
violently, but is more loud.


My friends and I created a magnetic liquid.

It’s called ferrofluid; here’s what it looks like when applied to a magnet.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #3

Coke and Mentos. :3
Heat up soda can, turn over, place in cold water. Implosion.


At class we made pure oxygene and sprayed it on a flame :stuck_out_tongue: one almost blew up in our faces ::slight_smile:


Cd in a microwave.

Later lightbulb in a microwave.

Then something really fun. like a champagne bottle. (Better get my own for this one.)


A peppermint in Dr.pepper
The 24 flavor aahh…

(Mikey) #7

Took a small water bottle, filled it with vineger, Took Plastic Wrap, Rubberbanded it on the top, (Cap unscrewed,) put Baking soda on the wrap, closed the cap,Shake, Chuck at Ground, BOOM!

A little while back, I Shook up Soda, Threw it at a tree, and it sprayed everywhere!