Anybody ride bmx?



thats my bike and i have another bike with yellow tires: specialized fuse 2

i have no idea what the parts are since i bought it from some guy that just powder coated everything

(Marvin.D) #2

i do flatland


flatland is pretty sick


i forgot what its called but i go to skate parks


i bike. i have a pink haro


i dont like haros all that much

what do you mean? inline skates bmx, skateboarding?


I used to ride this, but I had to sell it…I still cry at night :’(


u rieflatlad?


I used to, I can’t anymore. My ankles can’t handle it anymore, I busted them up way too much skateboarding.


I don’t really BMX… just X-factor Ramps :slight_smile:

I have a almost Stock hoffman SD-4 but my bro bought hoffman jumping bars instead of the red ones that came with it, new seat (racing set :P) and he put a $40 dollar flatland Haaro tire in tha back… heavy bike.

I have an old GT, I would strip it and sell you the frame lol.

(DOGS) #11

I used to ride but my bike got trashed at Rye last year…


I do down hill with my Da Bomb


i used to race bmx and right now im riden on a stolen heist 2010


I’m thinking of picking up a DK Siklon later this summer. I used to ride all the time when I was in high school.


I think my bikes a bmx… but it sucks so much! its sooooooooooo tiny cause i got it when i was like 5… :’( and i’ve ask my parents for a new one on my bday and xmas! :’( and i have no idea what kind of bike it is. :-\