Anybody out there into Cars?


Just wondering. I drive a 2003 Vibrant Blue Pearl Honda Civic Si.
I’ve only had Honda’s so far, what can I say, they’re cheap and great on gas. But I’m into cars in general. I’m currently a Bronze level certified Hyundai technician at the local dealership.


Yay another car fan!! Well I can’t drive because I haven’t went for my test yet. Hence no awesome cars. D:


question: if you work for hyundai then why do you have only hondas?


I LIKE CARS. Oops forgot to put caps off. :smiley:


I love that question. I got my first Honda long before I was into cars. Then I worked at a Chevy dealer when I got out of school, because, I thought, what better way to make money on cars than to work for a dealership of one of the brands most likely to break down. (Ford was my first choice, but they weren’t hiring). I didn’t particularly like the guys at Chevy, the particular shop was very barbaric and uneducated. The same folks who owned the Chevy dealership owned the Hyundai dealership next door and I worked a couple days there, and they stole me. The Hyundai dealership that I work at now is very supportive, very well educated, and I love the shop culture there.
Having worked on Hyundais, I really like them, especially the Genesis Coupe and brand new Sonata. I may buy a Hyundai next. But I love my Si, so it’ll be a long while before I give it up.


What are you hoping for/ dreaming of when you do get your license?


A Proton Wira maybe? D:
If possible, a Savannah RX-7 or…
uh… version 5 impreza? or… hmm… hmm… Tata Nano or a nice little abarth 500 :smiley:

(Yo!It'sMatt) #8

Ah. I love the FC’s. The rotary sounds so nice.
I’m not much of an Integra fan, but I really want an Mr2.
Soo nice.


I’ve always been into cars. I’ve had a few.

'94 Ford Ranger
'98 Civic EX
'96 Audi A4
'89 BMW 3 series
'04 Honda Civic Si
'01 Cadillac DTS


Issuzark… Being in Malaysia you really have the choice of cars, don’t you? Over here in the US we get only the watered down models. I had to google three of the cars you listed, I’d never heard of the Proton, Abarth or the Nano. My opinion, the Nano, and the Abarth are goofy looking. The Nano especially. I’m liking the Proton though, looks like our older Subaru Imprezas, but made by Mitsubishi?

CaliBuddha… Why’d you get rid of the 3 series for my body style Si?