Any Xbox 360 players.

(yoyo jake) #1

i just wanted to mke a thread for all my fellow throwers to post there gamertags amd stuff,

my gamertag is:

(LookAYoYo) #2

El Sr Gato.

hit me up with a game of reach

(yoyo jake) #3

i have to buy reach first


I love Xbox 360, especially Halo Reach, but I don’t have an Xbox live connecter. My offline gamertag is Xenix.


I mostly am playing black ops
feel free to add me


You seem to have missed quite a few of these threads. Including one that is even on the same page.


Any xbox 360 players. What games do you play


I don’t have live…

My favorite games are: Midnight Club Los Angelas Complete Edition, Mx vs. ATV Alive, Madden 12, Portal 2, and Spiderman Edge of time.


I mostly play COD on live. Gamer tag is Baer in a tux, add me I prefer to play in a party.


playing skyrim right now :slight_smile:


I don’t have live at this moment

(Mi) #12

I play cod and Skyrim. My gamertag is n4nobyte.


Add me if you play Halo:Reach (Only other 360 game I own is Halo3)
GT: Liife

(Vizoh) #14

I play mw3 all the time im electricman1201


my gamertag is PWNEDBYDEFAULT i play mw2 halo reach send me a message


I have Halo:Reach but i usually don’t play it. I would probably play with you if i could but i can’t. I don’t have live. I might have it soon.


I mostly play Reach, but I’ve gotten to a point where I’m so good at it it’s become mundane.
I need to get my hands on Assassins Creed Brotherhood and Revelations before the AC III comes out.


Do you have XBL? If so you should add me.


What’s your GT? I’ll be playing tonight.

Mine’s Filledwithfire.


Not tonight. Apparently everyone else wants to watch Sienfeld.