Any siggy maker here?


Can anyone make me a sig?
I would greatly apprecciate it!


I can try…Any specifications?


Just put my username and a pic af a Skyline or Hectic, or both. I also like blue and green for some color, PM me if you have any questions.

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I’ll give it a try too, not to bring about a competition but I love my photoshop CS4


How do you make one and post it here? I want to make on but I don’t know how.


So, is anyone going to make it?

I’m sorry, but IU can’t help you on this.
I honestly don’t understand how to do it mysels. That’s why I ask YoYoExpert, I can’t live without this place! :-*

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To make a signature, you have a couple options:

  1. Create the image yourself, using an image editing program like Photoshop, Fireworks, Illustrator, etc. (You can even use MS Paint if you are so inclined)

  2. Use a banner creation tool from a website like I prefer banners over actual signature makers because they are not as limited as far as I can tell. Just make sure that you can download it after you are finished in a .jpeg or similar format.

I would reccommend making your own if you can, that way your only limitation is your ability to manipulate the software you are using. If anyone wants help using Photoshop, PM me.

Note: I would use something close to 500 px(w) by 100 px(h) if you make your own. This reduces the overall file size but still gives you enough space to showcase your creativity.

Once you have the image of your signature, we have to find a place to host it so we can embed it in your profile. Personally, I use It’s free to use and it has a decent amount of space to store all your pictures. You can use whatever you like, just upload the image.

Now that your image is uploaded, you need its exact location on the web. This means you need the URL to the exact spot the file is stored. It should look something like this: <=== this isn’t a real link

With your image location in hand, you’ll need this simple code (just remove the periods before img and /img:

^____________remove these periods _______________________^

Just replace my URL with the location of your image, copy the ENTIRE code and paste it into your profile signature. (Click on profile, then “Forum Profile Information” on the left side)

If your using photobucket they already have the code available to you in its entirety. Just scroll your mouse over the image you want and four text boxes will come up under the image. Copy the text next to the word IMG. This is the exact same code we use here, just it wrote it for you. Then paste the code in your profile signature!

ADD: Kim-Lan already has a fantastic tutorial on how to upload/embed pictures that is more detailed and has pictures and diagrams to help you along. She uses, but either will work just fine. You can find this, plus a general guide to the forum, here:,807.0.html

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It took me all of a few minutes to complete, but its decent. Let me know if you want any small things tweeked.


Actually, I love it!!!


ill get a friend to try


Thanks, but JM got it, locked.