Any Little Monsters out there?


I bet none of you is as obsessed over Lady GaGa as much as I am.


im an itsy bitsy monster. im not that obsessed with lady gaga but her music is good.

(DOGS) #3

Take the title, I don thee the “Biggest Lady Gaga fan”. Of course that title is easily exchangeable for the “I don’t listen to real music” award.

But I kid :stuck_out_tongue:


I think she HE is a washed up attention-whoring prat.

Of course thats IMO

(Chase Baxter) #5

I dont really like her at all, but at school in computer class we had to write a 3 line haiku poem about nature (5 syllable, 7 syllables, 5 syllables) and mine was:

Lady GaGa Sings,
She wears meat as an outfit (VMA’s if you didn’t know :wink:
She sings Telephone.

BTW I got an A!!! (didn’t put to much thought into it either)


i dont really understand how lady gaga is natural, maybe the meat part, but egh…

(M²) #7

CUUUUURSE THEE AUTOTHUNE!! I will weep for the death of the music industry…


A lot of flash, a little substance. She’s perfect for an undiscriminating pop audience who like a lot of show. I advise her to save her money.

(Chase Baxter) #9

Humans are nature, they aren’t really man made, and meat comes from animals which are also natural


My friend got mad when I tried to poke her face.