Any Guitar players?

(Chase Baxter) #1

Is there any guitar players on here? I want to get a guitar and last time I had one I was seven, Im wondering what brand to get, I dont want expensive and I dont want to have to buy a new one


drums… sorry


I play the Bass here.
I currently have a Music Man Sterling and an ESP 6 String.

Ibanez has a nice price range, as does Schetcher.

There is a place I have ordered my Fender Violin, a Hartke amp and Boss Bass Pedal system from. The great thing is, if it is $900.00 or less. You can pay for it in 3 payments with out a credit check.
What is better, they ship it to you that day. So you can have the item and make the remaining two payments every 30 days for 2 months.

(Chase Baxter) #4

haha, im also looking for drum players, lol, its between drums and guitar

(Weasel) #5

I’m a guitar player, and I think that Silverado is pretty good.


If your willing to spend around $600 PRSs are beautiful guitars. Want proof, Santana.


Preference!! do u like classic rock, metal, etc.

if it was my preference i would say schecter, ibanez, and epiphone


Funny thing, Epiphones USED to be made exactly like Gibsons except they marked it with a different logo. They have changed now but Epiphones are still great.


I play guitar. But not electric. I play classical and sometimes acoustic, as the only one I have is acoustic. But I love classical guitars.If anyone wants to play non-electric guitars I would actually suggest Yamaha. Their classicals are SOOO freakin awsome!!!

(Chase Baxter) #10

Thanks guys, i found a decent priced ibenez electric guitar